Assyr Abdulle earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Geneva in 2001. He completed his first post-doctoral year at Princeton University in the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics with successive positions at ETH Zurich, the University of Basel, and the University of Edinburgh. He was appointed full professor and chair of computational mathematics and numerical analysis at EPFL in 2009. He has been the director of the mathematics institute at EPFL since 2017.
His awards include the SciCADE new talent prize (2005), an Advanced Research Fellowship by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (2007), the SIAM Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (2009) and the SIAM Germund Dahlquist Prize (2013).
His research interests concern numerical methods for multiscale partial differential equations, numerical homogenization methods, Bayesian inverse problems as well as numerical methods for deterministic dynamical systems and stochastic differential equations.

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